MFB Financial and MFB Insurance
Notice of Financial Privacy

The privacy of your personal financial information has always been a high priority for us. The following disclosure is intended to describe our privacy policy and how we treat the information we receive from you.

Definition of Terms
“You” and “your” means any consumer who currently has an existing, continuing account relationship with us for personal, family or household purposes or the potential to do so.

“We”, “our” or “us” means MFB Financial and MFB Insurance.

An affiliate is a company we own or control, or one that owns or controls us. For example, a bank holding company named MFB Corp. owns MFB Financial and MFB Financial owns MFB Insurance. These three companies are therefore affiliated.

A non-affiliated third party is an individual or company that is not an affiliate of ours.

Non-public personal information means generally confidential information about you that we collect in connection with providing financial products and services to you. It does not include information that is available from public sources such as the telephone directory or government records.

Information We Collect
We collect non-public personal information about you from a variety of sources. Examples of some of those sources and information we collect include:

  • Applications for loans, deposit accounts, investment and insurance accounts and other forms on which you may provide your name, address, social security number, assets, liabilities, income and other information necessary to evaluate the application.
  • Information resulting from your transactions with us such as your account balance, payment amounts and history, amounts of insurance coverage, parties to your transactions and credit card usage.
  • Miscellaneous information we receive through non-affiliated third parties. Sources of this information may include appraisals of property you offer as security for a loan, insurance companies, verifications you authorize and other sources.
  • Information we receive from consumer reporting agencies such as account balances, payment and transaction histories and overall credit worthiness.

Information We Share
We do not share any non-public personal information about consumers, our customers or former customers with anyone, except as permitted by law. Included is the fact that we may share any or all of the information we collect as described above with companies that perform marketing services on our behalf or other financial institutions with which we have joint marketing agreements.

We may determine at a later date that you could benefit by us offering one or more products or services that require sharing non-public personal information with other non-affiliated third parties. Prior to our doing so, you would receive an additional notice with a provision that allows you to require us to remove your name from any such offerings.

The Confidentiality and Security of Your Non-Public Personal Information
We restrict access to your non-public personal information to those employees who need to know that information in order to provide products and services to you. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with federal regulations to guard your non-public personal information.

Fair Credit Reporting Act Notice
We do occasionally share information among our affiliated companies. In such cases and when applicable under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, you will be given the opportunity to direct us not to do so.